Michael Giovanni Interview

  1. What all do you have going on this year Michael? Can you tell us more about your part in the HumanFit Project? Who are a few of the clients you will be keeping busy this year?

This year is going to be a busy one, I have been training multiples of mma fighters that have title contentions such as UFC fighter Fabricio Werdum fighting for the heavyweight title.

Those are the clients that really keep me busy and keep me on my toes, you got to be prepared and be innovated with them, they expect top quality workouts & programs as I do in their effort in them as well.

I also have my usual clients that keep me busy year round, not to mention the clients that come in town for only part of the year such guys like The Game, Travis Barker & Ochocinco.

I also have linked up and become a sponsor athlete with Nutrabolics Supplements which I am super excited about. We should be doing tons of events & signings worldwide this year.


  1. How is your training program more focused for the elite athlete than others that are available?

Well training an athlete is more challenging and stressful then a normal client, but it’s what I love most. It allows me to put 100% of my knowledge & experience into it.

It’s a daily test to put the proper workouts together and formulate a program based on their specific sport and also their personal goals.

Anything and everything with an athlete is specific to the sport and the position he or her plays which is vastly different for everyone.

Best thing to remember is they expect results, keep the workouts hard & interesting, and lastly the most important is injury free.


  1. You talk about peaking at the right time being important in your training regimen. I’m curious at to what that means exactly, and is the difference great enough in some people, that some should be working out in the morning, while others would be better off in the evening? What does finding someone’s peak entail?

Peaking at the right time is more for being in best possible shape at a specific time for a specific event. It is general only for a athlete.

And how we do that is having the proper periodization cycle in their training program which means your program is structured based on the athletes needs and goals and according to how much time you have to do that in.

For example for a mma fighter, most are in great shape already but usually have a 4 month notice before a fight, so we formulate a training camp which is about 12 weeks long, from there we structure what basic areas we cover until the fight, as time progresses we change from strength/power phase to functional phase to cardiovascular/muscular endurance phase. Usually if timed right we peak at the end of the last phase. When you been around it enough you know when your client is peaked, they are strong & have great stamina. It’s tough with a fighter though, you have many obstacles such as weight cuts, injuries, 2-3 workouts a day morning and night, it can be easy to overtrain or have malnutrition.


  1. When should a guy be more focused on lifting weights and when should he spent more time with bodyweight/conditioning training? What are the benefits to each approach?

This all depends on his specific goals. Do want size & strength or do you want to be