By Joshua Carey (Featured Columnist) on November 15, 2011

Prior to UFC 132, Tito Ortiz made major changes to his training, and part of that positive change was the addition of strength and conditioning coach Michael Giovanni Rivera.

Rivera, who’s been an elite trainer in the Orange County, Calif., area for the past 10 years helped lead Ortiz to a dominant first-round submission victory over Ryan Bader at UFC 132.

Ortiz is in the midst of training camp for UFC 140, where he faces Antonio Rogerio Nogurira on Dec. 10.

Rivera is contributing a series of blogs in anticipation of Ortiz’ third fight alongside the trainer. Here is a look at some of his insights:

Rivera recaps what it has been like to work with Ortiz leading up to present day.

“It has been crazy to say the least! I was brought on 7 weeks prior to the Bader fight, I had no idea what physical or mental condition Tito was in at that point. It was a very unique story how I started training Tito. I first worked with his girl Jenna Jameson, he came into the gym to see what I was about…

“Ten minutes later we hit it off, (and he) asked me to train him once and go from there. 

“So, I show up to Punishment Training Center in Huntington Beach (California) a couple days later. I was setting up my equipment, I noticed the came